Will it get any easier?

Answer When I lost my Dad it felt like the world had ended,we used to do so much together,I know it is awful but I loved him lot`s more than I loved my mum ,It gets better if you think you wouldn`t wish h... Read More »

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Would ttc be easier if.....?

Hey hunny!! Yeah definately i woud love the second you concevied if ur finger turned green then you would definately no lol. I no its so hard to find out if you are pregnant these days its nuts. So... Read More »

Which is easier. c or c++?

Does it ever get easier?

It hasn't gotten any easier for me in 13 years. I would even say it has gotten worse as I have learned more about it. Knowing that I was so grossly misinformed and used makes me angry too. The peop... Read More »

How to Get up Easier in the Morning?

For some people, getting out of bed in the morning is the hardest test of self control that's experienced. Here is a guide on how to get going easier early mornings.