Will it damage your all-in-one PC using it to play ps3 daily?

Answer It shoulden't use the hardware, just the screen. The screen only last for so long, it will begin to get very dim eventually. Does the pc make noise when he has the PS3 plugged in? If so, then it is... Read More »

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I want to buy a printer for daily printing purpose.i will print 10 pages budget is 6000-8000 Rupees?

Get an Hp. They are the cheapest to operate on a cost-per-page basis. You can't go wrong with it.

Will using a Pentax AF240z flash gun on a digital Pentax 1st dl camara cause damage?

Answerit should be fine, the pentax240z flash trigger voltage has been measured at 4.8v I couldn't find the limit for the hotshoe voltage, but it is most likely very high. (Canons tend to be low ... Read More »

Do I damage my hair if I dry it daily or the every other day?

it is good to let your hair air dry as often as you can. morocan oil does wonders though! :)

Will your renter insurance cover when there was a damage in parking lot with your vehicle?

Renters insurance is similar to condo insurance. It typically covers the personal contents inside but there is the option to obtain dwelling coverage to protect the structure of the items that are ... Read More »