Will it affect my wife if I use steroids while she's pregnant?

Answer If your wife is already pregnant, what you put into your body will not affect the child she is carrying. However, steroids or any other drugs can have an effect on any future offspring so keep that... Read More »

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If you are pregnant and you find out that the father was injecting steroids will it affect the baby?

Answer I think it would only affect the baby if you were the one using steroids. Discuss this with your doctor.

Should my wife eat meat again now that shes pregnant?

If she wants to eat meat, that's up to her. But there's no reason why she can't have a healthy baby on a vegetarian diet. A vegetarian friend of mine recently had a baby (at 50 years of age). She d... Read More »

Will having low iron while pregnant affect the baby?

You shouldn't let your iron levels decrease more than your normal level of iron -- in other words, consume the same amount of iron as you did when you weren't pregnant, or more. Iron is needed beca... Read More »

Will watching an adult movie while pregnant affect the baby in anyway?

AnswerNo, watching an adult movie will not affect the baby in anyway.