Will iron in your well water hurt you?

Answer On One Hand: It Can Be HarmfulHigh iron levels in well water can be harmful. Iron combined with other minerals in hard water can cause dry skin conditions ranging from simple skin irritation to ecz... Read More »

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Do you know if when your iron count is low do your legs feel heavy and hurt?

I know what that is like! It's like dragging weights around! Doesn't feel very good either!

Why do my pasta hurt when l drink water,warm coffee every time l eat something of drink they hurt?

Can cooking in unseasoned cast iron cookware hurt your food?

According to Marye Audet, food blogger and cookbook author, cooking food in an unseasoned pan will not harm the food. However, if left unseasoned, food will stick to the pan more. Also, an unseason... Read More »

I burned a part of my neck with my curling iron/wand, it barely hurt, but there's a visible mark.Isitpermanent?

No. This happens many times every day. Apply some burn cream or aloe vera or just a moisturiser and a protective covering and it will be good to go in a day or so.