Will installing newer drivers improve my gaming performance?

Answer Actually yes. Most drivers will improve performance, some of them up to 25% (most drivers will only improve 5% or so, but it depends on your graphics card).

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Will a Sound Card Improve Gaming Performance?

Though most computer games can run in a basic form on computers without sound cards, sound cards are an essential part of the gaming experience for most computer games. Sound makes playing games a ... Read More »

Will the GTX 560 improve my graphics performance, and will it work with my setup?

It will improve performance, but your CPU and RAM might bottleneck it.GTX 560ti's perform best with an i5-2500K/3570K. This will require you to upgrade your motherboard.RAM should be DDR3 nowadays.... Read More »

What will boost my gaming performance more?

Very Much Inclined to agree with the doctor you need the extra 4-gig of Ram to run with what you have already got 4 gig is not enough you need to have 8 gig I am anticipating that your running wind... Read More »

Will a better video card improve Fraps screen recording performance?

upgrading your graphic card can improve recording performance.Graphic card is very important for game recording.Fraps takes a lot of resources when recording, so you can't get a good FPS count.If y... Read More »