Will ingrown hair cause a boil?

Answer On One Hand: It's PossibleAn ingrown hair occurs when a curly piece of hair grows back into the follicle, and the skin actually grows around it. Because the immune system may interpret the hair's p... Read More »

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Cause of Ingrown Hair?

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Can an ingrown hair on the labia cause bleeding?

On One Hand: Not DirectlyAn ingrown hair on the labia or any other area of the vulva will not directly cause bleeding. Ingrown hairs can occur directly after shaving, so the presence of bleeding ca... Read More »

Can ingrown hair on the labia cause a bleeding sore?

On One Hand: Bleeding Labial Sores May Be Ingrown HairsIf you wax or shave your genital region, it is possible for an ingrown hair to result on the labia. Ingrown hairs are often painful, pimple-li... Read More »

Will a chlorine generator cause green hair?

The copper content of swimming pool water, when mixed with chlorine, can cause a green tint to hair--especially noticeable in blondes. The problem increases in damaged hair that has undergone color... Read More »