Will ingrown hair cause a boil?

Answer On One Hand: It's PossibleAn ingrown hair occurs when a curly piece of hair grows back into the follicle, and the skin actually grows around it. Because the immune system may interpret the hair's p... Read More »

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What should I do when I have a ingrown hair?

Don't shave it. Removing the hair with tweezers is fine. Use warm to hot compresses or baths. Put an antibacterial ointment on it like Neosporin (a little goes a long way). Leave it alone and it w... Read More »

Cause of Ingrown Hair?

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Causes for Ingrown Hair?

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A possible ingrown hair!?

Sounds like an ingrown hair, i get them on my thighs a lot. Just pop it and get the hair out. It'll take awhile for the sore to go away though :(