Will increasing RAM speed up a computer?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, If Computer Memory is ProblemIf your computer slowdown has been caused by a lack of RAM (random access memory), the primary storage space for temporary computer files, additional ... Read More »

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Does increasing the RAM in your computer increase the speed of your internet?

Most computer users have been trained that if you want more speed for your computer, then add more memory. Well, this is true, in certain circumstances. But for most of the times, it really is just... Read More »

Will increasing my RAM from 1 GB to 4 GB speed up my system?

Yes, increasing RAM from 1 GB to 4 GB gives you a significant speed boost, according to Microsoft. Modern operating systems use 64-bit data, which allows them to better handle memory--this becomes ... Read More »

Will increasing my RAM from 1GB to 4GB speed up my system?

The cheapest hardware upgrade to increase computer speed is to increase the RAM (a type of memory) to the maximum amount the motherboard allows. If the computer is upgraded from 1 gigabyte to 4GB a... Read More »

Increasing my internet speed?

You should go to and see what your connection speed is. If it's near what it's supposed to be, you're seeing the actual speed of the internet itself (in your downloads) an... Read More »