What does RAM stand for in computing terms..?

Answer Random Access Memory,and ROM means Read Only Memory.

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In computer terms what does FTP stand for?

In computer terms, "FTP" stands for "File Transfer Protocol." FTP servers host files, and end users use FTP client software to download them or upload new content. Both Windows and Internet Explore... Read More »

What does pH stand for in terms of water?

The abbreviation pH stands for "potential hydrogen." Elements with low pH are less likely to attraction hydrogen atoms, while elements with high pH are more likely to do so. Fresh water has a pH le... Read More »

What does KPI stand for in business terms?

In business terminology, the abbreviation "KPI" stands for "key performance indicator." When beginning a project or launching a new system for production, companies compose a list of criteria on wh... Read More »

What does led stand for in electrical terms?