Will ibuprofen reduce the redness of a sunburn?

Answer I've never heard of it, but I know it reduces swelling and inflamation, so maybe it does reduce the appearance by getting rid of the inflamation. I'm glad he feels better!

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How to Reduce the Redness of Sunburn?

Preventing sunburn is oftentimes difficult to do, especially for people who spend a lot of time outdoors in warmer weather or climates. Even the best preventions sometimes fall short, leaving you w... Read More »

How To Reduce Redness of Sunburn - FAST!?

Use cool compresses tonight. You can fill a large bowl with cool water and add a couple of tablespoon of white vinegar to it. Be careful to not get it in your eyes though. The cool water will help ... Read More »

I have a sunburn on my legs. How long will it be until the redness goes away?

a few days, maybe a week. apply aloe vera, it helps! best wishes

Will Ibuprofen help reduce my pain, even though there is no swelling?

yeah.. well its mainly used for inflammation but i would reccomend something else for pain. extra strength tylenol maybe or if your far more worse than that, go to a doc