Will iTunes work with a regular MP3 player?

Answer ITunes can be used with select non-Apple MP3 players, but note that songs downloaded from the iTunes store are in AAC Protected format and cannot be converted to MP3. You can still use iTunes to or... Read More »

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Will a regular DVD Player work with an HD TV?

All domestic HD televisions have a variety of inputs. Most inputs will accept standard definition signals, such as composite, S-Video, component for example. many modern SD DVD players have HDMI co... Read More »

What mp3 player will work with itunes?

Only mp3 players from the Apple Company can sync with iTunes. If you want to buy another mp3 player, sync it with Windows Media Player.

Will a Blu Ray player work on a regular TV?

a ps3. it is more money but it comes with a blueray and internet.

Will Blue ray discs work on a regular DVD player?

Nope, Blu ray is a different format for DVDs. Ordinary DVDs doesn't support HD but Blu-ray and HD DVD both do but you can't play a Blu ray to an HD DVD player and vice versa.