Will iPod nano speakers work with other iPods or mp3 players?

Answer no, they will only work with the nano, as the nano is quite a bit smaller than other ipods and mp3 players. If you bought a speaker for an ipod touch, it would also work with the nano.

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Does iTunes work with MP3 players other than iPods?

While iTunes can only sync with iPods, iPhones and Apple TV, most MP3 players will still play songs imported into iTunes or iTunes Plus music purchases. Make sure your player supports MPEG-4 AAC fi... Read More »

Why can speakers be heard even when ear buds are plugged into 5th gen iPod nano?

Yes you can! With any kind of headphones. But it won't if the hole isn't big enough for it.

How to Work a Used 1 GB iPod Nano?

If you have a used 1GB iPod Nano in your possession, it may still have content from the previous owner contained on its hard drive. If this is the case, you must download iTunes and sync your own c... Read More »

How to Work an FM Transmitter for an iPod Nano?

One of the best things about the iPod Nano is its ability to store a lot of music in a small package. One of the drawbacks of the iPod Nano is that it lacks an external speaker, which makes it a li... Read More »