Will iPhone videos transfer to roxio?

Answer 3G means third generation

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How do you transfer all apps videos and songs from an iPhone 3GS to an iPhone 4?

IF you have a computer and have installed itunes on it (no duh you wouldn't have apps with out i tunes:P) all your apps, videos and songs SHOULD be saved on i tunes so just sync the iphone 4 2 itun... Read More »

How do you transfer videos to your iPhone 3GS?

its a replica of the iPhone but its not original. they are designed in California and made in china. they are also WAYYY cheaper like $150 to get a good looking replica/copy. but they don't work on... Read More »

How do you transfer videos from PC to iphone for use on iMovie?

How can I transfer videos from my iPhone 4 to my computer?

Well you can upload them or send the videos to ur email check your email on your computer and then save the videos to your computer. XD