EMA-Will I still receive EMA after a sick day?

Answer I have the same dilema !!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm feeling sick should i go to school tomorrow?

if you aren't feeling any better, stay home. You'll only get sicker and get everyone else sick too.

I had my period two weeks ago However since then I have been getting sick every night and my breasts are still swollen I have taken dollar store pregnancy tests show up neg could I still be pregnant?

Answer If I where you I would go buy a real preg. test from the drug store or wal mart. For example ept or first response.

Since it is possible to be pregnant and still have regular periods if you take a home pregnancy test will the test come back positive or will it be negative because your body is still having its menstrual cycle?

Answer Regardless of menstruating or not your body will still have the hormones for a positive test.

If I force myself to be sick, will it only be once or will I keep vomiting?

I am bulimic, and after about two years of constantly making myself sick, I lost control. I cannot eat in front of people, and any foods that are not vegetables or rice will make me immediately si... Read More »