Will i need to replace my graphics card cuz it says drivers are out of date?

Answer Forget what most other answerers told you. Your graphics are IGP (integrated graphics processor) i.e. built into the mother board and not AGP or PCI which use slots. S3 graphics LTD provide this ty... Read More »

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I need some help with finding out how fast my graphics card will run Battlefield 3?

Well, every graphic card is different so it would be pretty hard for me to tell you... But for specs you will have to go onto the manufacterer's site and compare all the specs of each graphic card... Read More »

If i get a nvidia 9800gt graphics card, will i need to upgrade my power supply from standard?

Depends on how many watts your current psu is rated at. Without looking up the 9800gt I think it requires a minimum of 400 watts. Check the system info of your computer and compare it to the minimu... Read More »

Does onboard graphics mean I don't need a graphics card?

Yes. If a motherboard has onboard graphics, it means that the motherboard contains a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). You do not need to install a graphics card unless you are dissatisfied with the ... Read More »

All of a sudden my AMD graphics card says driver not installed?

It's unlikely to be a dead or dying graphics card because you are still getting an image, but it could be. Does the cable for your monitor plug into the motherboard I/O panel, or does it plug direc... Read More »