Will i need to replace my graphics card cuz it says drivers are out of date?

Answer Forget what most other answerers told you. Your graphics are IGP (integrated graphics processor) i.e. built into the mother board and not AGP or PCI which use slots. S3 graphics LTD provide this ty... Read More »

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I can't get my Linux system to accept proprietary drivers for my ATI graphics card; any suggestions?

My first question on Answers (more than 4 years ago) was a computer question. I didn't get one answer. This site really isn't very good at answering real questions.Anyway, I'm thinking on giving ... Read More »

Can you replace an iMac graphics card?

You can replace the graphics card in the Intel iMac, but doing so is difficult for all but the most experienced technicians. Additionally, you will void the warranty on your iMac if you attempt to ... Read More »

How do I replace an integrated graphics card?

You replace an integrated graphics card with GODLIKE skills in electronics.

How to Replace a Notebook Graphics Card?

A lot of notebook computers have integrated graphics cards. What this means is that the graphics card on the computer and the motherboard are part of the same piece and the graphics card cannot be ... Read More »