Will i need surgery for my under bite?

Answer First, if you're pushing on your jaw trying to hide your underbite, I suggest you stop that activity immediately. You can cause severe damage to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) that will result ... Read More »

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If you've had surgery that will likely need to be repeated will future claims for this be denied under the 'pre-existing condition' clause?

%DETAILS% Answer Did you have the surgery on the same plan you have now?Did you admit to this surgery on the application?How long is the pre-x clause?Does your state require that your present cover... Read More »

Under bite jaw surgery?

The surgery is about 2 hrs. depending on the speed of the surgeon. Usually your mouth will be wired shut for 6 weeks. You will have scissors that can cut the wires if you should become sick. The... Read More »

You are on unemployment and need surgery will you need to go onto temporary disability insurance while recovering from surgery?

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Will I need another surgery and if so do I have a good chance of surviving?

Hi Noah, I'm 15 and I have HLHS too.Anyway, not too sure what you mean by "because the blood doesn't pump properly". Are you talking about having a heart transplant if you've also got pulmonary hyp... Read More »