Will i need a cast on my foot?

Answer The bruising indicates a loss of blood beneath the skin, and normally the bruises would go away in ten days to two weeks. Since your bruises are lasting longer than that, it would seem that you ar... Read More »

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How to Make a Foot Cast?

A foot cast is made for more than one reason. Parents often make a cast of their child's foot as a keepsake. Orthotists make foot casts as models for fabricating custom orthotics that will conform ... Read More »

It feels like my cast is getting smaller on my foot?

You may be experiencing swelling around the fracture site. This is fairly common, and may come and go- so your cast can feel tighter or looser. If the feeling becomes uncomfortably tight, sit for a... Read More »

How do I make it look like I broke my foot without a cast?

Okie dokey. Paper mache a cast of your own. Paint it all black and viola

If you had broken your leg and your foot was itching how could you scratch it when you have a cast on?