Will i lose all of my data if i restore my pc?

Answer Depends how you mean restore.If rolling back to a prior restore point you will only lose anything installed since that date.If completely reinstalling operating system then you will lose everything... Read More »

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Would I lose my data on my PS3 if I do a system rebuild or a file restore?

Where is system restore data stored?

Windows system restore files and data are stored on the C:\ root drive in "My Computer." After accessing the C:\ drive, you must double-click on "System Volume Information" and "SystemRestore." Mod... Read More »

How to Backup and Restore Data in MySQL?

Multiple backups should be taken. E.g.One copy on the same computer or locally networked computer that can be used to quickly replace a database that is in use.Another copy in a physically differen... Read More »

Does doing a system restore cause loss of data?

Performing a system restore indeed causes a loss of data. It reverts your system to a previous state. Therefore, when you revert to a previous state, system files and other data are reverted as wel... Read More »