Will i lose all my information if i un-plug my computer?

Answer When you save something to your computer, it is saved to the hard drive. The hard drive saves things magnetically (flips between 1 and 0). So once you shut down your computer, electricity stops flo... Read More »

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If I reboot my computer will I lose EVERYTHING?

Rebooting the computer essentially means you shut it off and turn it back on again.I suspect you're asking about reinstalling the operating system, which can indeed cause you to lose everything and... Read More »

How do you reboot your computer and what will happen if you do... .do you lose everything in your computer?

it will pretty much make it like it was when u bought pretty sure that u will lose everything other then what comes on the computer u might wanna put your photos on a disc or som... Read More »

If you plug in you flip video camera into your computer will it charge?

In most cases when you attach any electronic device to your computer using a USB cable, it IS so that it can charge. In many other cases you will be able to do more with this connection, such as tr... Read More »

Will I lose the songs on my iPod if I sync it with another computer?

Yes, if your iPod is set up for automatic syncing you will lose your songs if you sync it with another computer. However, if you set up your iPod for manual syncing, you can add music from an unlim... Read More »