How to Have Max Will for the Girl Without Blue Lines in "Fable 2"?

Answer In "Fable II," your character dynamically changes in response to how you play the game. By investing experience points into learning "Will" skills, your character responds by becoming covered with ... Read More »

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Do I have a minor concussion an what will happen to the girl who punched me?

You probably have a minor concussion. Just relax and lay down. Don't run around or anything. Take it easy and for the Pain take an aspirin, not an ibuprofen.

When O positive man marries an A Negative girl will their child have health problems?

Mixing blood types will not any impact on the health of a child, only the resultant inherited blood type. This particular mix will produce a child with an A pos or A neg or O pos or O neg blood group.

If the girl had sex at the fifth day and the boy ejaculated sperm in her uterus will the girl get pregnant?

Perhaps, perhaps not. Call it 50-50. Flip a coin or something. Don't forget, you won't know until later.

What if you are a 13-year-old girl who wants to become pregnant and your boyfriend will have sex with you to make you pregnant but your not sure what your parents will say if they find out?

Here are some answers from the WikiAnswers Community. Please feel free to add yours while refraining from removing others.Answer Why do you want to get pregnant at 13? I got pregnant with my first ... Read More »