Will i get in trouble in wikipedia?

Answer It all depends on whether you're a convenient IP address to make an example of. Theoretically, there's nothing wrong whatsoever with what you did; it was right the first time, anyone can just look ... Read More »

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Can you get in trouble if you put something in Wikipedia that is not true?

The simple answer is "no," but in theory you probably could - depending on how you define "trouble," what you intend to put in Wikipedia, where you intend to put it, and who is likely to be offende... Read More »

If information is wrong on wikipedia can a person get in trouble?

Nope. That's the beauty of Wikipedia: no one is held accountable for anything. In a real encyclopedia, you get something wrong, you're probably gonna lose your job. But on Wikipedia, what are they ... Read More »

Will I get in trouble if I change something on wikipedia but I changed it back?

I understand that Wikipedia has their own police & enforcement squad. ~But maybe they will be lenient because you changed it back.

IF you edit a page on wikipedia, will you get in trouble and like ur contributing to it.?

If you edit a page with inappropriate material, they can block your IP address from further modification.