Will i get high if i take one vicodin 10pts!!?

Answer Well, like another answer stated, it depends on if you normally take pain killers in that field. It also depends on other things to. If you are smaller. What i mean is thinner than average,and not ... Read More »

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Xanax or Vicodin do get High Suggestions HELP?

Lets see. I found you from the answer on the other persons question. Anyhow, if you ever have to do a pill ID again, try the website They have a real easy pill ID'er. The blue oval ones,... Read More »

Can any 1 tell me 10pts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

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Should I get a 2 gb or 4 gb gpu 10pts?

id get 4 if it isnt too much1 game will NEVER use more than 2gb at a time and thats max settings running as 1920 x 1200so really 2 should be enough but if its only like 20-30 more dollars get 4 but... Read More »

Wet laptop help! 10pts!?

Chocolate mile = sugar =...........invisible stickiness. I spilled coke on my keyboard (not laptop) before. Took out every keys and clean with toothbrush with hot water. DO NOT SOAK them in the wat... Read More »