How to Prank Call Your Friends Ex Boyfriend to Try to Get Them Back Together?

Answer Sometimes, you will be saddened by the fact that your friend and her boyfriend broke up. If this happens, you should anything in your power to get them back together. One option is prank calls.

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If you and your boyfriend are 14 and have been together for 4 years and you are pregnant can you move in with him if your scared your mom will send you to juvinile jail or try to hurt you?

Answer your mom won't hurt you or send you to juvinile jail trust unless your mom is crazy or something she won't hurt you. but if you are that scared don't move in with him just yet you should ta... Read More »

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Yes she will in the episode ilose my mind when Sam puts herself in a mental institute after she can't control her actions about Freddie

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yes they do the get back together in season 2 finale at least that is what i can tell but you can check it out jan. 2 2011