Daughter will be 3 in Feb got a new puppy and although she says she loves the puppy she constantly tries to hurt it. After discussion separation and discipline it keeps happening. It scaresme.Whattodo?

Answer Man, this kid likes to punish. There is a thin line between love and showing affection in this way. I heard cats are acting affectionately when the bite at your face, but who needs that. I would ta... Read More »

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How to Decide if You Should Get a Christmas Puppy?

Many people believe it is a good idea to buy a puppy for a family member or loved one during the Christmas season. However, many people don't fully contemplate how much care and love that puppy wil... Read More »

How big will my golden retriever puppy be?

Full-grown male golden retrievers are usually 20 to 24 inches tall and weigh between 60 and 80 lbs. Females are slightly smaller than males, growing to a height of 20 to 22 inches and weighing betw... Read More »

When will a puppy lab stop biting?

On One Hand: As He AgesDuring a teething phase, puppies are prone to biting. For most dogs, it's a temporary activity that will fade over time. While teething, a puppy will try to sink his teeth in... Read More »

When will a puppy stop biting?

A puppy will stop biting when he is taught that chewing on human flesh is not allowed. If you yank your hand away when your puppy bites, it will cause him to view your hand as prey. Instead, hold y... Read More »