Laptop will not connect, but my pc will. both on wireless network. laptop has dns error and will not verify ip?

Answer Go to Control Panel > Network Connection > Make sure wireless network is enabled.

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Which laptop Buying my son a laptop for Christmas - Which make is the best ?

the only advice I can give you is this: buy as much work-memory as you can afford. ( RAM that is) and as much harddisk space as you can get, and of course the best possible video card.Then your son... Read More »

I want a laptop for christmas ..... Mac or PC and why?

-Mac is expensive, Windows laptop is (a lot) cheaper.-Mac doesn't support a lot of programs, Windows does.-MacBook Air doesn't have a DVD player (not important)But...-Mac has the famous iLife progr... Read More »

XBOX 360 or Laptop for Christmas?

i would ask for a laptop if i was you i got one last year and i love it i don't have a 360 and i don't really care i have a myspace,email,you cam go on chat things play games on here i love my lapt... Read More »

Should a 15, almost 16 years old get a laptop for christmas?

You know whether or not your daughter is ready. If you feel she is then you need to set yourself up as the computer administrator so you maintain control over what is going into the machine. Do n... Read More »