Will i get a bottleneck?

Answer No, you won't bottleneck. The Core 2 Duo E5300 processor is a good match for GPUs up to to the GTX 550 Ti/Radeon HD 6770 level, you'll won't impede the GT 440 at all.Although I recommend getting s... Read More »

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Will my GPU bottleneck?

No, those two should work excellent with each other.

Will this motherboard bottleneck my CPU?

That motherboard has a crappy power delivery, which means it will gimp your overclocking- but otherwise it's not a 'bottleneck'

Will a8 3850 bottleneck 7950?

Yes it will. Remember that the A8 is basically a stripped down Phenom II to begin with, So it's not exactly a screamer. In terms of performance it's on par with the old Intel Kentsfield quad cores.... Read More »

How bad will my processor bottleneck my computer?

Any multi-core processor of 3.0Ghz or faster should not bottleneck the graphics card.