What will happen if everyone is mixed race Will they find an alternative cure, or is this something uncurable?

Answer It's hard to find a bone marrow donor no matter who you are. They usually should be close family regardless of race. Besides, pretty much everyone is mixed race today and share alleles with the exc... Read More »

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MJ fans: if an article about something ridiculously untrue of MJ comes out, will you still read it to find out?

Yes I will still read them to see what kind of lies they come up with.

Who all is wearing something brand new tonight?

Yep.. rec'd a new teddy last week.. and it is hottt..

Tell me something easy to make for Tea tonight.?

Quick and easy pizza4 big tortillas4 tomatoes150 g salami2 dl italian tomato sauce1 tablespoon oregano100 g grated cheese1. Preheat oven to 260 degrees Celsius2. Cut the tomatoes and salami into t... Read More »

Who will be on the tonight show tonight?

Oprah has been raped by her mothers friends. (her mothers friends were men.)