Will Mama's Family seasons 2-6 be coming out on DVD soon or will it ever come out on DVD?

Answer i did like all the season of mama family they are the best show ever it is very funny ken barry is the best actor

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Do you ever believe a time will come when Australians will consider extreme politics?

The way it's going at the moment is already extreme, it's a rudderless Ship !!!

Will technology ever be so amazing that you will be able to change the color of your eyes through a surgery?

I can tell you that not much research is going into this. The best researchers are working on making people see, not in changing eye color. It is kind of interesting that you say this would be good... Read More »

Will we in the UK ever see.?

Hi,I totally agree with the police & others on this one.I do a fair bit of motorway driving, and anyone going along at 70mph can be a hazard.I personally do about 80-85 mph, and then have flashing ... Read More »

Will an LCD TV ever burn out?

Answer The average life of an LCD is 6 years. Now this is average. They are too new to know for sure. They rarely burn out, unless they are defective from the start. Unlike an LCD a CRT display sta... Read More »