Will i become addicted to oxycodone?

Answer You may if you take it that often, yes. I really don't recommend taking more than the bottle says, as tempting as it may be. That will only worsen your withdrawals, which may happen, once you sto... Read More »

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How much oxycodone is too much?

A physician will prescribe a safe dose of oxycodone. Any amount of oxycodone over that dosage is very dangerous. Oxycodone can affect your ability to breathe, and too much could lead to respiratory... Read More »

Can i take more oxycodone?

Those are really strong and adictive so id say dont risk it

What is oxycodone ER?

Oxycodone extended-release (ER) is a generic narcotic pain reliever known as an opioid. Doctors commonly prescribe oxycodone ER for the treatment of moderate to severe pain that has not responded t... Read More »

Did I take too much oxycodone?

Throwing up can be a sign you took too much for YOU. everyone is different. If you still feel bad in 2 hours or so you may want to call poison center. AND try NOT to go to sleep until it wears off.... Read More »