Will i be able to run minecraft without lag?

Answer Nope, it would lag too much. You need at least a low end dedicated card to run it properly.

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Will this laptop run minecraft smoothly on higher settings without shutting down or lagging or overheating?

Minimum System RequirementsProcessor: Intel / AMD compatible at 2500 MHz or higher RAM: 1 GB or higher Sound: Windows compatible sound card Display: 32-bit color depth CD recorder: for importing fr... Read More »

ACL (Crutiate Ligament) Surgery question...will I be able to walk without it?

if there's no other damage other than the ACL, you should be able to walk. the ACL is primarily forlateral stability and isn't used much when walking in a straight line. i would postponethe sur... Read More »

I bought two cordless phones without a answer machine functionality will people still be able to.?

BT have their own free answer service get 1571 switched on just phone in and ask for it

What will I need to upgrade to be able to record with Fraps without huge FPS drops?

You will encounter a large performance loss when you play and record on the same HDD, they cant handle it when you write on them at about 60Mb/sec and in the meantime you read game files. The easie... Read More »