Will homeowners protect if your sons steaLS FROM visitor?

Answer no

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Can a chapter 7 protect you from Homeowners Association assessments?

Chapter 7 Federal Bankruptcy proceeds can help a debtor discharge debts. Assessments are owed by owners -- potentially personally as well as being attached to your property -- in order to pay for ... Read More »

What laws protect homeowners from removal of common area privacy hedges?

You should consult the body of laws that your state legislature has codified as Condominium and Homeowner Association Laws. As well, your governing documents may have specific application to your p... Read More »

Will liability insurance cover it if an employee steals from the company he works for?

Who's liab. policy? If you mean will the employers general liabilitly policy cover his own employee stealing.. Maybe, of course charges would need to be brought etc. Most certainly turn in the claim.

Does the homeowners association have the right to keep settlement monies from the homeowners?

Your question implies that your association and its board pursued a cause of action -- whether through negotiation, mediation or a court of law -- and was awarded a cash settlement. Realistically, ... Read More »