Will home telephones one day become obsolete?

Answer Possible but not likely. . The problem with cell phones is that it takes so little to disrupt them. Home phones, however are hardwired and more difficult to disrupt. There certainly is a trend tow... Read More »

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Will the emergence of Home Theatre Systems render cinema halls obsolete?

Can you still use antique telephones?

Assuming they're in undamaged condition, most vintage rotary telephones -- that is, telephones that have a turning dial -- should work perfectly well after you've attached a plug adapter to the end... Read More »

Telephones and calculators?

not any calculators I have mine are the same as phonesgood lucksmile

How Are Lasers Used in Telephones?

Lasers are used in some telephone systems that implement fiber optic technologies. These systems are hard to repair, but provide a more reliable and economical option in the long run.