Will herbal tea clean your urine?

Answer what kind of a question is this? what do you think that's what will happen

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If u drink alcohol sat when will your urine be clean?

Yes at some day in the future your urine will be clean.4 days

Do you think my urine test will be clean?

a regular smoker (smoke 5 or more times a week) would need to fast from the ganja for at least 30 days. If you smoked the really potent piff then you would need longer. There are all types of det... Read More »

How to Clean Your Hair With Herbal Tea?

Cleaning your hair with herbal tea is an effective, all-natural way to lower the pH level of your hair and add softness and luster. Herbal tea closes the hair cuticles to improve overall hair healt... Read More »

How much water does it take to clean your urine?

Not just water.. Try drinking some Vinegar. About a cup.. and maybe a gallon of water. Exercise daily also.