Will herbal tea clean your urine?

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Does Herbal Clean work?

On One Hand: A Market FrontrunnerAccording to the official Herbal Clean website, the company has sold detox products since 1988, which are some of the top in its market. Herbal Clean products come ... Read More »

How to Clean Your Hair With Herbal Tea?

Cleaning your hair with herbal tea is an effective, all-natural way to lower the pH level of your hair and add softness and luster. Herbal tea closes the hair cuticles to improve overall hair healt... Read More »

How to Clean Cat Urine?

Anyone who owns a cat knows how foul the odor of cat urine is, no matter what surfaces turn up being targets. The strong, pungent smell can radiate throughout a home, and if not cleaned up properly... Read More »

How to Clean Old Cat Urine?

Cat urine stains are unsightly, and often leave behind a lingering odor that is difficult to remove with conventional cleaners. The best way to remove cat urine is to clean it up immediately after ... Read More »