Will helium balloons shrink in the cold?

Answer Helium balloons will appear to shrink in the cold. When a balloon cools, the pressure inside drops, causing the internal volume and overall balloon volume to get smaller. When the balloon is retur... Read More »

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Do helium balloons or air-filled balloons last longer?

Air-filled balloons last longer than helium balloons. The average lifespan of a helium balloon is eight to twelve hours (the larger the balloon, the longer it lasts). A special treatment called HI-... Read More »

How much helium do I need for 50 balloons?

The amount of helium you need to fill 50 balloons depends on the size of the balloons. If you have 14-in. balloons, you need 60 cubic ft. of helium; 16-in. balloons require 90 cubic ft. of helium, ... Read More »

How much are helium balloons?

Helium balloons come in two different types, latex and mylar. They can area also sold in different sizes and shapes. The price of the helium balloons depends on the location and number of balloon... Read More »

Why is helium used in balloons instead of hydrogen?

Helium is a non-flammable gas that is lighter than air, causing balloons filled with it to rise. Hydrogen is even lighter than helium, however it burns very easily and is unsafe to use in balloons ... Read More »