Will heat make menstruation end sooner?

Answer On One Hand: Heat Improves Blood FlowWhen a woman either applies heat to her abdomen with a heating pad or hot water bottle or sits in a hot bath, it is said to improve the blood flow, according to... Read More »

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How many days after menstruation will the egg die?

Answer Hi there :-) During a Womans period there is not a egg sweetheart. This is why it is highly unlikely for a Woman to conceive during her period. During a Womans Ovulation tim... Read More »

Will pregnancy symptoms show sooner if you just had a baby?

Answer Most people don't even realise they are pregnant if they have just had a baby, they just think it is still the post-natal hormones making them feel odd.My cousin was complaining to my Mom t... Read More »

Will heat make leg cramps worse?

On One Hand: Generally, Heat Should HelpMost health experts seem to agree that applying heat for 15 to 20 minutes, whether through a heating pad or hot shower, can help relax chronic cramping leg m... Read More »

At what temperature will a heat pump still heat a home?

In the winter, the normal heat pump system extracts heat from outdoor air and transfers it inside where it is circulated through your home's ductwork by a fan. Even cold air contains a great deal o... Read More »