Will heat make menstruation end sooner?

Answer On One Hand: Heat Improves Blood FlowWhen a woman either applies heat to her abdomen with a heating pad or hot water bottle or sits in a hot bath, it is said to improve the blood flow, according to... Read More »

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How to Make Your Period Come Sooner?

The chance to participate in new events and expand your horizons is what makes life enjoyable and worth living. One thing that may spoil your night of big fun is your period. Although a necessary p... Read More »

I am 13 years old and still havent started my period yet, how can I make it start sooner?

You can't make it start.Trust me - it's a pain! Both literally and figuratively.Be grateful you don't have it yet. I'm sure it'll start soon.Ask your mother when she started hers; odds are, you'll ... Read More »

How would someone who has had problems throughout high school and is behind almost an entire year make it on their own at eighteen or maybe sooner?

%REPLIES% Answer In most states, there is a provision for 'emancipating' a minor- that is, to let them live on their own, away from parents and support themselves. There is paperwork involved and a... Read More »

Is it possible to be only five weeks' pregnant and already not be able to wear some of your pants and does being thin make you show sooner?

Answer It is quite possible, and since you don't have as much fat on your belly it could make you show sooner.