Will health insurance cover Kienbock's disease?

Answer Health insurance coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of Kienböck's disease---a condition in which the lunate bone loses its blood supply and dies inside the wrist---depends entirely on a pati... Read More »

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Will crohns disease be auto decline for health insurance?

In most cases yes. Crohns disease patients find it very difficult to get standard and affordable health/life insurance. Premiums for diagnosed patients when available tend to be very high.

What will my individual health insurance policy cover?

On One Hand: Coverage Can Be ComprehensiveIndividual health insurance policies can cover many areas and be comprehensive. Routine medical examinations and trips to the dentist and eye doctor are of... Read More »

Which health insurance companies will cover Hepatitis C?

Hep C and Insurance Hepatitis C exclusions are rare. If you have coverage, then the company should pay. Was it a pre-x? Was it admitted on the application? Is this employer group or individual cove... Read More »

If I am traveling abroad will my Traveler's Health Insurance Cover an abortion?

No, but it makes sense to buy renter's insurance since it is so cheap and can help you replace your goods if they are ever stolen or damaged.