Will health insurance cover Kienbock's disease?

Answer Health insurance coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of Kienböck's disease---a condition in which the lunate bone loses its blood supply and dies inside the wrist---depends entirely on a pati... Read More »

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If you don't have PIP on your auto insurance and you are at fault will your health insurance cover your medical costs?

Answer Yes, if you provide them with proof of non coverage.

What is the meaning of the pre-existence of a disease for health insurance?

According to, pre-existence of a disease means that a mental or physical medical condition existed and was known or treated prior to the completion of an application for heal... Read More »

Does private insurance cover Alzheimer's disease?

Medicare is a federal health insurance program for people age 65 or older who are receiving Social Security retirement benefits. There are specific eligibility requirements in order for a person to... Read More »

Will crohns disease be auto decline for health insurance?

In most cases yes. Crohns disease patients find it very difficult to get standard and affordable health/life insurance. Premiums for diagnosed patients when available tend to be very high.