Will he know if i resend a freind request on facebook?

Answer ya he could tell if you resended it again, because if he declined u the first time he wud obviously know lol.if he never declined u, he could be busy doing stuff rather then been on fb all the time... Read More »

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How to know to who all i have sent a facebook request to?

there is no way to tell because there is no pending requests page on facebook

How do you know if someone ignored ur friend request on Facebook?

How to know if someone did not accepted your friend request on Facebook?

go back to the person's profile and if it says "add as friend" again, that means they declined itif it still says "request sent" that means they havent accepted or declined it yet (and they might n... Read More »

How do you know if someone on Facebook has declined your friend request?

You won't know and they won't tell you that's the thing. The only thing you'll find out is to keep checking the person's wall and see if it is pending. But pending can mean 2 things, either that ... Read More »