Will he know if i resend a freind request on facebook?

Answer ya he could tell if you resended it again, because if he declined u the first time he wud obviously know lol.if he never declined u, he could be busy doing stuff rather then been on fb all the time... Read More »

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How to know to who all i have sent a facebook request to?

there is no way to tell because there is no pending requests page on facebook

How to unlock request sent in facebook?

i didnt get you. do you want to cancel the friend request? go to the person's timeline or profile you have sent request and click on the "friend request sent" at bottom of the drop down list you wo... Read More »

What does it mean when a girl request me on Facebook?

Your question and it's details are a bit vague. It's really hard to tell what it means when she adds you on Facebook, she may or may not like you. You never really know, Facebook may have listed yo... Read More »

Facebook relationship request please help!!?