Will having a cold effect your unborn child?

Answer Pregnancy lowers the mother's immune system, making her more suceptible to colds and other illnesses, but having a cold during your pregnancy will not effect the baby. A mother can't pass the cold ... Read More »

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How does having an abortion effect an unborn child?

Basically, yes. This puts the child's life in DANGER. Abortion is done at birth. The child is turned around, the neck is cut, and the brain is vacumed out. Abortion is horrible and should not be to... Read More »

What side effect does the H1N1 vaccine have on an unborn child?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the inactivated ("dead") virus vaccines for pregnant women. The nasal mist containing live weakened virus is not approved for pregnant women. The r... Read More »

How can you protect an unborn child if you know of a woman who is pregnant with another child and has 5 others but owes child support for some and the others are in group homes?

Answer Call child abuse hotline to report what you know about the ones that are already here and let them know that she has another on the way. They may be able to help her to see that she needs s... Read More »

How will Ecstasy or MDMA effect your unborn baby?

Quite simply, it is a powerful drug that could have multiple affect on an unborn baby. As it is psychoactive, you can expect it to be active in the baby as well -- definitely not something you'd ev... Read More »