Will green tea break my intermittent fast?

Answer No just drink it natural without out anything added.

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How do I intermittent fast?

You are right their are many methods of intermittent fasting to suit different people! The basic procedure would be to eat a big meal at night say 8 Pm, then skip breakfast the next day and have a ... Read More »

What Is the Green Acres Tax Break?

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How to Break a Fast?

Fasting means depriving yourself of solid foods. People fast for health and religious purposes. When you are coming out of a fast, it is important to ease your body back into the process of digesti... Read More »

What does"fast break"mean?

A fast break in basketball is an offensive tactic in which a team attempts to move the ball as quickly as possible toward its basket. A successful fast break occurs when the offense moves the ball ... Read More »