Will gold prices lower during a recession or a depression?

Answer During times of economic uncertainty, people tend to become insecure and fearful. Many run out and buy gold because it feels safe and secure.Gold and RecessionGold usually is a good safety net agai... Read More »

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How to Prepare for a Recession or Even Depression?

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When Gold prices will come down ...............?

Banks are real reason for the increase in prices.Banks are taking public money as deposit and lend it to entrepreneurs @ 18% interest rate that too on daily balances. A commodity priced Rs.100 toda... Read More »

Shouldnt we have lower prices in gas?

No, i wished they would increase it and make people realize to not always go to their cars, trucks,suv's etc. If you depend on others so much they can manipulate prices. Its called supply and dem... Read More »

Could you help me with ideas to lower college prices?

The best way to start is with the community college as one of your choices when you apply to college next year. You could always transfer after your fourth semester, and it cuts costs in the long r... Read More »