Will going from 512mb to 2gb make a difference?

Answer Without a doubt! Do the math. =PI myself can not stand using Windows XP without at least 1GB of ram even though it actually requires less. I would definitely go for the upgrade, especially cause RA... Read More »

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Will 1gb+512mb ram make a noticable change on speed compared to 256mb+512mb ram?

You should see a considerable difference in performance.

What's the difference between 2gb and 4gb ROM when the RAM is 512mb for both?

ROM stands for "read only memory" (even if nowadays you can actually write on them quite often), it's use is that you will have certain applications, often parts of your operating system and such o... Read More »

Whats the difference between 1GB and 512mb?

Is there a significant difference from 512MB to 1GB in RAM?

it will not hurt........ also uninstalling all the pre loaded crap will help hp as tons.....