Will getting my Wisdom teeth removed hurt?

Answer maybe, or local novocaine. of course there will be pain but it's worth it.

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Does getting your wisdom teeth removed hurt?

Not if you're put to sleep or numbed, which you should be. You may have soreness afterwards, but your dentist will give you pain meds & probably have you rinse or use a syringe (no needle) to squir... Read More »

Im getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed at once. Is going hurt as much as every one says?

I say don't be nervous, but then again it is easier said then done! but as for my experience which will be interesting to you as it was not that long ago!I had to have 6 teeth extracted (4 wisdom &... Read More »

Will the swelling from getting my wisdom teeth removed (yesterday/thursday) be gone by monday !?

Honestly, it depends. I got mine out Wednesday and I have such minor swelling that it is hard to even notice. I believe you should switch to a warm washcloth for swelling on the second day. Keep ta... Read More »

Does it hurt to have all wisdom teeth removed?

I just had 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted 6 days ago. The two top were completely impacted, and the two bottom were partially impacted. And it did not hurt at all to get them out. I had an Oral ... Read More »