Why are gasoline vapors more flammable than liquid gasoline?

Answer Oxygen is required for gasoline to burn. There is far more oxygen in gasoline vapor than in liquid gasoline. This is why the flame is on top of a puddle of gas. Just the vapor is burning.

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My husband got gasoline in his mouth, will it poison him?

nope..but if he shows any side effects then you should take him in to get checked

What Will Happen If Sunflower Oil Is Mixed With Gasoline?

If you mix a little gasoline with sunflower oil, you will turn the gasoline into diesel. Sunflower oil is used to make bio-diesel fuel by mixing it with gasoline or ethanol.

I have a friend that drinks a teespoon of gasoline a day. What will happened to him?

Gasoline is a mixture of about 150 chemicals refined from crude oil. Swallowing gasoline burns the linings of the mouth, throat, esophagus (food pipe), stomach, and intestines. The throat can swell... Read More »

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