Will firewalls work with proxy?

Answer Firewalls can work with a proxy. Proxy firewalls can prevent unknown attacks to a computer because a proxy individually examines each packet of information accessed by a computer, according to the ... Read More »

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Blocked and firewalls, proxy websites?

The Mailing list at has a shitload of proxies found each day, sent to your mailbox.Just don't get caught.

How to Configure Different Firewalls to Work With Your Internet Based Application?

This article will help you in configuring your firewall to work with Internet- based applications. Once you configure your firewall, you do not have to disable a firewall when you need to update yo... Read More »

Will using proxy in Mozilla Firefox via the Firefox's proxy option affect other browsers?

It *shouldn't*, unless you've set up a global internet proxy on your system such that all your network traffic goes through it.

Every proxy at CB schools is blocked, does anyone know any that will actually work?

Your school's firewall can detect a proxy as soon as you try and connect to it. Depending on how they are set up they can block it immediately or notify and admin for a manual block. The bottom lin... Read More »