Will filming a solar eclipse or arc welding damage my camera?

Answer >> Would my camera be damaged by filming events with such high >> lumina?Maybe. It depends on the event, your lens, your technique, and your camera.The sun's corona isn't bright enough to cause dam... Read More »

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Can filming a computer screen damage a digital camera?

Why can't we look at a solar eclipse?

Ok. Did you ever do this as a child? Did you ever get a magnifying glass and hold it over a sheet of paper to focus the light of the sun into a small point? Soon, the heat generated from the foc... Read More »

Why Does the Solar Eclipse Happen?

A solar eclipse, as seen from earth, appears as a partially or fully blacked-out sun. Solar eclipses have been viewed throughout history as omens or miracles, though modern times have brought a com... Read More »

How to Create Your Own Solar Eclipse Goggles?

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