Will filming a solar eclipse or arc welding damage my camera?

Answer >> Would my camera be damaged by filming events with such high >> lumina?Maybe. It depends on the event, your lens, your technique, and your camera.The sun's corona isn't bright enough to cause dam... Read More »

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Can filming a computer screen damage a digital camera?

Will any solar panel work with a Moultrie Game Camera?

You can't use just any solar panel with a Moultie Game Camera. If the camera was made after 2007, it will only accept the Moultrie panel. If the camera was made before 2007 and has solar panel conn... Read More »

I just bought a new Nikon D60 can I bring it to the beach to take pictures or will the salty air damage the camera?

Why can't we look at a solar eclipse?

Ok. Did you ever do this as a child? Did you ever get a magnifying glass and hold it over a sheet of paper to focus the light of the sun into a small point? Soon, the heat generated from the foc... Read More »