Will filing a UCC 1 as a secured party guarantee a win in a child custody battle?

Answer Answer Being a secured creditor will have absolutely no impact on a child custody case.

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What sort of parenting plan should you propose if the non-custodial parent is threatening a custody battle in order to lower their child support payments but does not really want custody?

Answer Parenting plans should be discussed with legal counsel or with a social service representative before they are submitted to the court.That being said, there is not a court in the US that wo... Read More »

How to Win a Child Custody Battle?

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At what age in a custody battle in Texas can a child decide which parent they want to be with?

While the law in Texas states that the judge has the last say, a child who is 12 or older is allowed to submit an affidavit explaining to the courts that he wishes to live with one parent or the ot... Read More »

Can video surveillance of drug use be used in a child custody battle in Texas?

Answer The admittance of evidence in any case whether civil or criminal depends upon the state or federal statutes pertaining to the issue and how the presiding judge interprets the application of... Read More »