Will fear 3 run on windows 7 64 bit?

Answer Yes I play Fear 3 on my Win 7 64bit gaming tower

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Will fear 3 run on my windows 7 64 bit laptop?

u have to know what your laptop spec is ??and this is the game requirments…

I fear I may have pubic lice. Will the doc prescribe an incesticide?

Sure. But try using lampcrotch girl as a bug light.

Hypnotherapy for spider phobia, will it work if the fear is very extreme?

Hypnotherapy is not exactly a proven modality. It was started by a guy by the name of Mezmer. The term mesmerize came from his name. Now as time passed Mr. Mezmer was denounced as a fraud and hi... Read More »

Childbirth - fear causes pain, fear can be overcome?

Oooh I read about this when I was pregnant, found it really interesting. I've not had time to read through everyone else's answers, so apologies if I'm repeating anyone. I read a book on hypnobirt... Read More »