Will facebook delete profiles that belongs to people's pets?

Answer Yes, Facebook is likely to delete profiles belonging to pets. Facebook regularly checks its records to see if such accounts exist and delete / suspend them where necessary. You can also report such... Read More »

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How to Write a Story That Will Blow Peoples Minds?

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On Dr Phil in Sept 2008 there was a professional on the show that spoke of his website where U pay a company monthly or yearly to delete online profiles or your name from the internet?

Is there any poison that will kill mice that is safe for pets?

On One Hand: Poisons get Rid of MicePoisons can be very effective in the removal of mice infestation. Poisons in conjunction with traps can lead to complete removal of the infestation.On the Other:... Read More »

How to Delete Xbox Profiles?

Are Xbox 360 Profiles taking up too much space?On an Xbox 360 a friend might recover a gamertag or create a new gamer Profile. If you don't want to keep their profiles on for further use you delete... Read More »