Will expired plant seeds still grow?

Answer You will probably get germination from some of the seeds, but some plants not grow as strong and not flower or fruit as well as fresh seeds. I always give them a try anyway - if there's a possibili... Read More »

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Can seeds from a transgenic plant grow into a new plant?

Seeds from transgenic plants normally grow into new plants, just like any other seeds. However, some biotech companies have produced transgenic crops that incorporate so-called "terminator technolo... Read More »

Will apple seeds grow a plant?

Apple seeds will grow into a plant if the seeds are not sterile and if they receive the right growing conditions, which include water, temperature and oxygen. The apple seeds need to be held at col... Read More »

How to Plant & Grow Maple Seeds?

Whether it's the first tree in the yard of a new house or an addition to the landscape, a maple tree can add color and an eventual focal point to the yard. Although some maple tree species require ... Read More »

How do I grow an avacado plant from seeds?

Fill a pot with commercial potting soil. Any pot with a drainage hole in the bottom will work, even a coffee can or a milk carton. Plant the avocado seed with the pointed end up. The top of the see... Read More »