Will expired plant seeds still grow?

Answer You will probably get germination from some of the seeds, but some plants not grow as strong and not flower or fruit as well as fresh seeds. I always give them a try anyway - if there's a possibili... Read More »

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Will 10 year old seeds still grow?

when they were excavating the Egyptian Pyramids they found seed which was many 100's of years old.They planted them and grew some . so all the naysayers are wrong. Well worth the effort and good luck

Will apple seeds grow a plant?

Apple seeds will grow into a plant if the seeds are not sterile and if they receive the right growing conditions, which include water, temperature and oxygen. The apple seeds need to be held at col... Read More »

Will a box of wildflower seeds dated to be sold by 12/06 still grow?

kathryn, some will absolutely germinate - but you'll have a greater percentage of seeds that won't come up. For wildflowers particularly, the plants that do come up will begin to multiply over the ... Read More »

Will Scotts PatchMaster grass seeds still grow if it gets cold?

No, grass seed will not be able to properly germinate if outside temperatures fall below 40 degrees F. The seeds need at least four weeks of warm air temperatures to complete the full germination p... Read More »