Will exercising help your heart?

Answer Sometimes it can do damage to your heart , by putting strain on it so just like anything in life it is all moderation. I would ask a Dr for advice first on if it is OK . Just in case you have a hea... Read More »

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Can doctors use a pigs heart or a cows heart for a human heart transplant?

Let's think about size -- a cow's heart is simply too large to be placed in the existing spot in a human. It is true that a baboon's heart was placed in a baby, but she survived just one day with ... Read More »

How to Have Fun Exercising As a Kid?

Exercising doesn't have to be boring- and for kids, it can be as fun as playing a school sport or a simple playground game! Here are some steps to making exercise fun for kids and teens.

Start Exercising?

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Exercising for a 14 year old?

Stop watching t.v. and sitting at a computer all the time.