Will everyone suffer crop failure in Farmville while facebook is down :)?

Answer I hope :D

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Why is everyone presuming that Facebook will be closing down on March 15 for?

It's a rumor that was created by mixing two different news, probably started by a satirical page.Facebook already responded to this rumor by saying that it's not true and that they are just getting... Read More »

How to Master a Crop on Farmville?

Mastering a crop on FarmVille can take a lot of time, and effort. With these simple steps however, you'll be on your way in no time!

Can teenagers suffer from heart failure if anaemia is not treated?

Teenagers can definitely suffer from heart failure. I'm 15 and I have heart failure. Mine is the result of congenital heart disease though rather than anaemia. Anyone of any age can develop heart f... Read More »

Will everyone please stop asking about the Yahoo! Mail and Messenger being down today!?

I asked the same thing about 10 minutes ago. No one can seem to search for the question before asking it. In my question, a girl said she was about to ask the same question before seeing my post.... Read More »