Will everyone suffer crop failure in Farmville while facebook is down :)?

Answer I hope :D

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How to Master a Crop on Farmville?

Mastering a crop on FarmVille can take a lot of time, and effort. With these simple steps however, you'll be on your way in no time!

Can teenagers suffer from heart failure if anaemia is not treated?

Teenagers can definitely suffer from heart failure. I'm 15 and I have heart failure. Mine is the result of congenital heart disease though rather than anaemia. Anyone of any age can develop heart f... Read More »

How to get xp on farmville facebook?

Plow all the space on your land, plant fast-growing seeds on each plot, and harvest them as fast as you can. Continue repeating this cycle to get plenty of xp points. Add plenty of friends too, so ... Read More »

Do you have a farm on Facebook, FarmVille?

I'm sorry, I don't use Facebook that much.